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Greg Bell and his attorney, Philip Cramer, were party and counsel in court proceedings originating from an appropriation action filed by the Madison County Board of Commissioners against Bell and his wife to acquire a sewer easement on Bell’s property. The court of common pleas held that the Board was entitled to an easement. Thereafter, Bell, through Cramer, filed a complaint asserting various causes of action related to the appropriation case. The case was dismissed the case based on res judicata. Thereafter, Bell, represented by Cramer, filed an action for a writ of mandamus requesting that the court of appeals order the Board to provide him with due process in the taking of his real property rights and to comply with a consent agreement. The court of appeals dismissed the complaint, and the Supreme Court affirmed. Thereafter, the Board filed a motion for sanctions against Bell and Cramer. The court of appeals granted the motion for sanctions in the amount of $21,137, concluding that Bell and Cramer had engaged in frivolous conduct. The Supreme Court affirmed, holding that the mandamus action was clearly frivolous and adversely affected the Board, and the fees awarded were reasonable. View "State ex rel. Bell v. Madison County Bd. of Comm’rs" on Justia Law